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Successful Superbowl Pets Ads

The USA Annual Ad Meter was established in 1989. It tracks second-by-second responses from a panel. It is widely considered to be the most influential rating in Superbowl ads.

According the USA Annual Ad Meter, Doritos' "Pug Attack" and Bud Light's "Dog Sitter" were the placers for the two best commercials of last year's Superbowl, having deadlocked with a score of 8.35 each. These animal-driven commercials have been the most recognized on a national level.

Also, the pet-oriented "Pug-Attack" was the winner of Doritos' 2011 "Crash the Super Bowl" contest, a DIY commercial contest which empowers fans to create their own ads. Their win earned JR Burmingham (ad creator) and Tess Ortbals (ad writer) tickets to the Super Bowl as well as a guaranteed contract to produce more commercials for PepsiCo. Since their ad received the highest ratings, the couple has been awarded an additional $1 million.

This year's five finalist for the Crash the Super Bowl Contest, it was noticed that most commercials feature animals or animal-related themes. Specifically, one features a baby, another has a bird-theme and three others focus on dogs.

Two finalists who were selected will be allowed to participate in a Doritos project later on. link alternatif Dewabet These two will be chosen through consumer voting and also by the Doritos brand team. Another amazing surprise is that if the consumer Ad reaches the No. 1 spot on either on the USA Today's Annual Ad Meter or the USA TODAY Super Bowl Ad Meter, the contestant will win a whopping $1 Million.

The Superbowl XLVI is fast approaching and the buzz surrounding the 2012 Superbowl XLVI commercials has already begun. News reports have revealed that NBC has sold all commercial airtime for Superbowl XLVI's February 5th game, just before Thanksgiving. The average cost for a 30-second spot was $2.5 million.

We were also informed that the public should expect to see spots to feature cars, beverages and snacks. They always have animals as their main focus, which has been proven to be the most entertaining commercials.

In the "Pug Attack", the boyfriend of the pug owner taunts his dog with the Dorito. Subsequently, the dog tackles the boyfriend and victoriously ends up with the bag of chips.

In the Bud Light commercial entitled "Dog Sitter", a buddy pet-sits for a friend that has nine dogs. The sitter discovered that his refrigerator was stocked with Bud Light and enlisted the help of the dogs to cook, serve, DJ, wash mugs, and cook burgers for a party he hosted. Some dogs will even have a fling with guests. The dogs can play poker after the party ends, while the sitter must clean up.

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